Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Finger Wound/Q1000 Low Level Laser

1) April 2007 2) 31 days later 3) September 2007

Jonathan first experienced extreme pain in his middle finger on his left hand in April 2007. His local hospital diagnosed a streptococcus bacteria which had infected his joint. He was given intravenous antibiotics, and admitted. He spent the following week in hospital with a second operation four days after the first. Inbetween he was informed that he may lose his finger, or may choose to have it removed because there was no guarantee that he would be able to use it should it re-grow.

Two days after he had been discharged from hospital he heard about the Q1000.

At this point he was quite unwell and his finger was still swollen with two large open wounds. He was returning to the hospital twice a week. These appointments involved the filing out of all dead flesh and redressing the wound. Just before he started using the laser he asked the hospital staff about light low level laser treatment. They told him that they often did more harm than good. At the same time they were telling him it was still quite likely his finger would be amputated. We decided that we had nothing to lose by using the laser.

He started using the laser for three minutes a day. Almost immediately the hospital staff remarked how well the wound was healing. On one occasion they cautioned that the skin was growing too quickly for the wound, so he changed the setting and only lasered once every other day. Within about three weeks a nerve had re-grown. The hospital continued to be impressed. He introduced the 808 probe in addition on the alternate days. After one week with the 808 the hospital decided he only now needed to attend once every two weeks, instead of twice a week.

By September of 2007 the finger was almost completely healed, with just a problem of movement in the second joint, where the tendon was cut, and scar tissue remains. It may have healed faster but we could only rent the laser for two months. The doctors were impressed with how it healed. They were completely unaware that we used the Q1000, though we intend to tell them eventually.
Emma Martin, London

Gill Jacobs comments: You can see Jonathan talking about his finger and LLLT on the Light for Health website: on the Q1000 Testimonial page.

The Healing Power of Low Level Laser Light

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