Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cranial Laser Release Technique

Well, its a long way to go to find out about light and the cranium, but boy was it worth it! To some people it must seem foolhardy to travel half way around the world to meet someone for the first time, just on the basis of a YouTube video - well a few long telephone conversations, and Skype sessions as well. But when I saw Dr Wise on his videos treating his patients by waving his pen soft lasers over their craniums I saw a way to introduce UK osteopaths and chiropractors to low level laser light which they could not ignore. 

In the last six months I had wasted time and money hiring trade stands at osteopathic and chiropractic conferences. Without a talk on light to the delegates, the response had been muted, except for those who had trained in the States and experienced light directly, or those from Germany, Norway or Holland. Even the few osteopaths and chiropractors who did use LLLT needed encouragement to use it more broadly. 

Rather than wait a few more years for the UK to catch up with the US, where light is becoming more and more accepted, why not just bring Dr Wise over here to present Cranial Laser Release Technique? Going to Honolulu  I saw, and experienced for myself, how people responded to light treatment on the head. And I got to go to the island of Maui as well!

If we can accept reflexology as an effective way to treat the body because the feet contain a map of points that correspond to different organs, why not the head too? And why not use light as a more effective and profound carrier of information? If you remain sceptical about the power of light to effect change in the body, come and listen to Dr Wise's talk. All the research is there. This is not pseudo science. James Oschman, PhD, in his book Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis, says that biophotons are encoded with vibrational information across a wide range of frequencies, including visible and near-invisible light. Researchers say it is likely that a biophoton emitted from a coherent source will carry holographic information as a form of modulation (frequency modulated) and produce action or results in biological systems.

Dr Wise is just about to see less patients and take the show on the road. So the plan is to bring him over to the UK in the Autumn. I guarantee he will be received with just as much acclaim here as he was at the North American Laser Association meeting two years ago.  

Apart from light, Dr Wise also uses sound. He has a package which allows you download sound frequencies onto your laptop/iPhone, and programme sound frequencies through a probe which can be placed upon the body part needing assistance. The frequencies are the same as light. Light for Health has both the CLRT package and the Sound Frequency CDs and probe for sale.

Ring or email for further information. 

Talk about the power of coincidence..... I went canoeing on a Hawaiian outrigger one morning with the local canoe club. Talking to a fellow rower after the trip I discovered that he is involved in long term research on the effect of high powered lasers on certain points of the neck, as determined by acupuncture, to deliver enzymes to bring back to health those at end stage kidney failure.