Monday, 11 May 2009

Feedback on CLRT

Dr Gordon Farmer, who practices near Daventry in Northamptonshire,  has been trying out Dr Wise's CLRT with great results. Dr Farmer is one of the first acupuncturists in the western world, having trained in China in the early sixties, before Nixon opened up China to the West. Dr Farmer was sponsored to study in China by the British Royal Navy. Not being able to work as an acupuncturist back in the UK, having left the Navy (no-one had heard of acupuncture then) he was forced to find other work. He refused to go back to 'ordinary' medicine. So he worked in a stables mucking out horses. Eventually he used his needles on sick horses, and when they started to win races he found himself being asked to do the same treatment on the jockeys! Horses in the mornings, jockeys in the afternoons. Then he ended up at Newmarket working on top race horses, and later on worked for the Saudi royal family on their race horses. Back in Newmarket in the seventies, a wealthy Russian racehorse owner popped his head over the stable door and said 'Why don't you try one of these?" The intriguing black box which he handed over contained one of the first Low Level Lasers! The Russians had sent it up in space with their astronauts. (Rather like NASA which sent LED light up with theirs for muscle spasms and plant oxygenation - finding it worked they spent billions over the next thirty years researching light)

From that point on Dr Farmer became one of the first therapists to use Low Level Laser Light.

Back to CLRT. One of Dr Farmer's patient's is an Olympic gold medallist, who crosses the English Channel each month to get treatment, and essential maintenance, with Low Level Laser. This time when he complained of tenderness in his puffy knee, and hard and painful calf muscles, Dr Farmer used points on his cranium, following Dr Wise's cranial map. The tenderness went out of his knee, and the soreness in the calf also went, allowing touch not to be painful. Dr Farmer's verdict: 'I was impressed!'