Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Feedback on Lymes Disease

The post of 24th June about Tilly, who has had Lymes disease since she was sixteen, very severely, asked a question of Dr Wise. If as with Tilly the head hurts ALL over, where in the Cranial Laser Reflex Therapy system would you start with light? Finally, I remembered to ask Dr Wise last night, and he said that the therapist should establish with Tilly where in her body she hurts most, and go to that point on the cranium first. 

Unfortunately Tilly cant travel to his seminar, but the fact that she lives near Stonehenge may be a draw to lure him down to the Salisbury area where she lives, for a personal consultation. I'm hoping that if that comes off we can try out Dr Wise's sound system on Tilly, to see how she responds to that. You type in the organ or condition on your laptop or iPhone, having installed the frequencies, and plug in the hand held probe, which is then placed over the problem area, or held in the hand, the former way being the quickest to take effect. Specific frequencies are used for specific problems. Sounds strange?

Not really when you think that UltraSound uses the same frequencies as light, but via sound. The most effective treatment for her symptoms so far has been the Rife machine (so much so that after using it it takes many showers to take away the smell of ammonia and mercury coming from her pores), and the Rife frequencies are part of Dr Wise's download system, along with many others.

I'm away from the 29th August for a week, sailing into the unknown, weather wise, on the English Channel, to Cherbourg via the Channel Islands. The question is do I risk taking my low level laser, for those potential knocks, bruises, wounds that you could get climbing up the mast on heavy seas, when it could get wet! Actually, I'm scared of hights, and any wound I get will not be doing that!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Ups and Downs of Life! Manifesting comes in different ways.

Wendy Boast. LLLT Therapist
Well, isn't life strange? You are bumbling along feeling that nothing is working, and then suddenly it shifts, and things start to move again! I have been in London all August, thinking how lovely it would be without the traffic, and the people, but actually its also energetically a bit dead. Or was until today.

First of all the bad stuff. Last week my laptop had a meltdown. OK, its an Apple, which I spilt water on in the early days, subjected to electricity surges in Turkey which were so bad the edge of the machine cut into my wrists, and I dropped it earlier this year when the cord caught in a door handle when I was on the move. So last week the screen died, and that would cost me around £600 to put right. Move on, they said, and buy a new one. Several trips to an Apple store later, I emerged with a solution, that involved a desk top and a new laptop. The Apple 'genius' in the store looked at me with complete reverence when I told him that I had been an Apple user since 1987. A misty look came over his eyes when he said 'Three years in!' That's when I wrote my first book. I know I could not have done it without it.

The awful thing was that I couldn't plug my external hard drive into my son's MacBook because he had one of the small batch that didn't have a Firewire port. I was in London in August, with all my Apple friends away, AND cut off from the world without easy access to email.

So now to the good news! Putting on a seminar and getting 'bums on seats' is a true labour of love, and even with faith, hugely stressful, in the beginning. The seminar is on October 24th. I'm very excited by it because I have already seen Dr Wise's presentation in Honolulu. I have to say its one of the best presentations I have seen on light, and the science behind it. Apart from that is wonderfully uplifting to see people's faces when they get demonstrated on by Dr Wise, and things shift in a matter of seconds.

Things shifted today when I got confirmation that an article written by a very independent and forward thinking osteopath, and the first CLRT user in the UK, John Taberman-Pichler, was accepted for publication in the September issue of Osteopathy Today! The article is on Cranial Laser Release Technique. At last a forum to talk to at least those who have a modicum of curiosity about light, even if those constrained by fear of being labelled 'outside the box' ignore it.

Then I ring Wendy Boast, a presenter on my other LLLT course in early October, and she tells me this story. As a Low Level Laser therapist who also uses CLRT, she had a client with neck and shoulder pain, who had been unsuccessfully treated by her osteopath over many visits. Wendy was able to give significant relief, and low and behold a few days later she had a call from the osteopath herself. It was not just a chat about light that she was interested in, it was also treatment for herself! So two days ago Wendy gave her CLRT on the cranium, and light directly on the problem, which her osteopathic colleagues had been unable to shift. Of course our hope is that she is curious enough to come to our course and to Dr Wise's. Lesson to learn? If you keep pushing too hard things may not shift. Take your attention away, in this case forced by computer deprivation, and what you are working to bring about can still happen in ways that you did not predict!

Course on Low Level Laser Therapy for practitioners interested in, or users of, low level lasers, with Dr Pamela Murphy, Dip Lic Ac, and Wendy Boast. See earlier August blog for further details.
Friday October 2nd, NW London, The Optimum Health Clinic, 10-5.30pm, £90 Earlybird by September 11th, £100 after that.

Course on Cranial Laser Reflex Technique (CLRT) The Hilton, Gatwick with Dr Nick Wise DC, and John Taberman-Pichler DO, Saturday 24th October, 9.30 - 5.30pm, £120 Earlybird before September 26th, plus free laser. See earlier blog posts or go to

Do both courses and get £40 off the first!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Course in Cross Fiber Massage and LLLT, plus more!

                                                     Dr Pamela Murphy, Dip Lic Ac

LFH is putting on a course on Friday 2nd October, in North West London at the Optimum Health Clinic, near Archway. Dr Pamela Murphy Dip Lic Ac will be teaching the FAST method, devised by Dr. Steve Liu, an acupuncturist from Arizona. He combines treatments that consist of “cross-fiber” massage, electro-acupuncture (using red light on acupuncture points), and low-level laser therapy. Cross-fiber massage, otherwise known as “transverse friction,” bears no relationship to conventional massage. It re-initiates the inflammatory process of a scarred tendon or ligament. When acupuncture points are stimulated with the red light, endorphins are released which relax the muscles associated with the tendons and ligaments. Often a tight muscle may be a culprit of a tendon injury of unknown cause. LLLT is then applied to the injured area to increase the production and release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which helps increase blood circulation, the stimulation and production of collagen, reduction of swelling and pain, and ultimately in the regeneration of healthy tissue.

We will explore this method using some of the common sites of injury to soft tissue. i.e.Shoulder, Knee, Wrist and or Elbow. This technique is complementary to Cranial Laser Reflex Technique, in that it can be used alongside it as an additional tool. Dr Lui, apart from being an acupuncturist, is an engineeer, and makes his own lasers.

Let me just tell you something about Dr Murphy, or Pamela in this context, because she has become a very special friend, and is a quite remarkable practitioner. I first met her in 2006, when she was introduced to me by a mutual friend. She had moved to London from Ojai, California, because her partner's job brought them here. She gave up a busy practice as an acupuncturist to start again over here. Their loss, our gain! Together we were able to experiment with light, exploring its potential via her patients, and ourselves. She began to use the low level laser over needles in some cases, and found that this sometimes produced deeper emotional shifts. Then when I was planning my trip to Hawaii, she was able to help with contacts and advice. She had lived on Maui, running a flower farm, for part of each year, for a number of years. So apart from the 'work' aspect, helping Dr Wise, and organising a second meeting on Maui, we were helped by her advice and contacts to make our stay even more special. Thank you Detchen for those unforgettable swims with the turtles!

Apart from her acupuncture training in the US, Pamela spent eighteen months in China in the mid eighties, specialising in neurology.

For the second half of the day we are extremely fortunate to have Wendy Boast, co-founder of the UK Institute for Therapeutic Lasers, with Chirstine Carroll. Wendy and Christine are ongoing students with Dr Gordon Farmer, one of the UK's most experienced and successful LLLT practitioners. Wendy will be teaching his protocols for lymphatic drainage, and his system of working with spinal nerves for each treatment. Wendy is an experienced lecturer, and has a wealth of laser experience and information to share.

I am especially keen to put on these courses because although practitioners who invest in LLLT have an amazing tool,
it still takes extra shifts to fully grasp the extent of what it can do. Also we can all learn from each other, by sharing information and ways of working.