Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Course in Glastonbury with Dr Nick Wise

We are putting on a seminar with Dr Wise on CLRT in Glastonbury on Sunday 1st November, at the George's Rooms in the High Street. The day after Halloween Glastonbury! Once more I do a search for local practitioners, wary of relying on emails, and a little nervous of their ability to take any notice of them, when who the hell am I!

Imagine my delight this morning to get an early morning call from a chiropractor in Yeovil, eager to book in. I suspect emailing her Practice Manager was the key, and targeting her specialisms in Craniopathy, advanced neurology and Paediatrics. Reading the article in Osteopathy Today sealed the deal because of the case-study of a patient who was helped by CLRT after a stroke. She has three clients with problems after a stroke. I hate doing a hard sell. I'm getting better at curbing my over-enthusiasm, which for an unresponsive victim is a huge turn off. I absolutely love connecting people with information which they instinctively reach out for.

Thank goodness I followed my intuition and went out to Honolulu to see Dr Wise 'perform'. I know how good he is first-hand, and that must be what I am communicating when reaching out to others to connect up with him as well. Sixty bookings for the Gatwick seminar is phenomenal for a first visit to the UK. Its just telling us that the time is right for light as a healing modality. I am so privileged to be on this journey of discovery ...... and delivery.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

LLLT Course 2nd October 2009

On Friday October 2nd 16 people came together at the Optimum Health Clinic in North London for a course on Low Level Laser Therapy, with Dr Pamela Murphy and Wendy Boast as teachers. Some were there as Q1000 practitioners, others were there to find out more about light, having booked on to Dr Wise's course later in the month, and others were there with different lasers, eager to learn. Inevitably, a day was not nearly long enough to deliver all the information AND get plenty of time to practice on each other. But as a taste of what is possible, the day was a success. Obviously, its hard to judge how much of the basics to go into, with mixed backgrounds and starting points, but when both lecturers demonstrated their protocols it was great to learn new techniques, and to expand on how we use the laser. Dr Murphy was showing us how to reinflame an old injury with crossfiber massage, before going in with the light to reduce scar tissue, both directly on the injury and via various acupuncture and energy points. Wendy Boast was emphasising the importance of dealing with the lymph before an LLLT treatment, and the vital need to activate the spinal nerves too.

At one point Wendy talked about racheting up the power in some cases by increasing the hertz, or frequencies, to deliver a stronger message to the brain. Her laser system has the ability to do this. So the issue of needing to understand how lasers differ needs to be addressed.

Opinions differ when it comes to frequencies, and its hard to find research that backs up the need for frequencies as opposed to continuous beam. One leading British laser has no frequencies at all. The Q1000 has seven different wavelengths of light and colour, with one mode cycling through 29 frequencies in three minutes, covering many beneficial frequencies. However, the higher powered probes are continuous beam and get great results with joints, nerve regeneration, bone healing and pain. Some experts are of the opinion that frequencies, when used, should move from low to high. Its interesting that all the beneficial brainwave frequencies are low. Its possible that the homoeopathic principle of less is more applies here in certain situations. Interestingly, when it comes to assessing opinions about frequencies from the experts, most are unsure about using anything over 100 hertz. If you talk to laser engineers they will tell you that it is very difficult to be accurate with frequencies the higher you go, especially above 5,000 hertz.

What seems to matter more is power. Its joules of energy that are more important, and that comes from the power you are using. So, an 808 nM infrared probe that is high powered, say 300mW, is going to get through joints and bony tissue, with low circulation, and deliver healing energy, where other lower powered instruments will not.

Wendy Boast gets great results with her system, taught by Dr Gordon Farmer. And so do Q1000 practitioners. What seems to matter with all these systems is whether there is adequate back-up, once you have purchased, to learn how to use the lasers to their maximum capacity. Is there someone who knows about lasers available on the end of a phone, for your system? Can you email and get a quick response? Is there a manual covering numerous conditions and protocols that can get you started? What kind of battery is used, to ensure power outputs that are comparable in doseage even though the battery is running down?

When it comes to it, we get attached to our lasers as extensions of our own ability to heal with our hands. I know that with certain people I can put the Q1000 on their problem area, say a recent injury, and fairly soon start to feel an energetic shift in them, through the laser. My body gets pins and needles running down my legs, I go hot, and I feel my breathing become more shallow. When I get this kind of feedback, through an interface between myself and another person, I naturally bond with that brand!

When choosing a laser you need to navigate the minefield out there, do your homework, and go with your gut feeling about what works for you. Experiment, play, and expand how you use this fantastic tool.

I was intrigued at the seminar to watch how light can be used by kinesiologists, placing light on a certain area of the body and then muscle testing. Steve Lazell worked on me and found an issue in my diaphragm. Three weeks earlier I had fallen hard on the side of my left breast playing tennis. No external bruising because of using the light, but castor oil packs were needed for the internal bruising. Steve seemed to get to some sort of energetic memory that involved the diaphragm. Do I feel a difference? Not sure, but its sure as hell fascinating stuff, and yes, I do believe in 'cell memory', and using the light to challenge my body did throw up the problem, and maybe threw it out as well!

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