Sunday, 15 March 2009

Cranial Laser Release Technique

I'm off to Honolulu on 17th March to learn more from Dr Nick Wise about his Cranial Laser Release Technique (CLRT), with the intention of bringing him over to the UK in the near future to teach it here. He's a second generation chiropractor from South Carolina, who was the star attraction at the last North American Laser Association meeting. Doug Phillips who used to work for Dr Lytle marketing the Q1000 is also coming, and together we are running an evening seminar for Dr Wise on the island of Maui. Apart from that I will be doing a bit of whale watching and snorkling. Its a hard life!

Its all happening at the moment. Last Thursday I spent the day with Dr Gordon Farmer. He is one of the first acupuncturists from the West to be trained in China, in the early sixties, and is also one of the first users of LLLT in the seventies. Apart from training doctors, and working in a Pain Clinic in the NHS, he is also keen to pass on his extensive knowledge of energy medicine and light. Watch this space for courses that Light for Health hopes to be put on with him. Like Dr Wise, he is an excellent communicator and teacher.