Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Low Level Laser for Myofascial Pain Syndrome

IL has had Myofascial Pain Syndrome since 1989, when she was 27, after a fall on her ribs. At the time she was working as a nurse, doing lots of heavy lifting. It was only diagnosed three years ago, and since that time she has had regular weekly physiotherapy, trigger point acupuncture, and massage. The pain is mostly in her neck, both arms and knees. Previously only 60% of her muscles were working, but now that has improved to 90%. She still needs Amitriptyline for sleeping. She now works as a part time Civil Servant, but finds the work only possible if she rests at home in her time off. Last October she had a flare up in her right arm, and whilst reading a book on MPS, by a US doctor, she learnt about the benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy.

During our phone conversation I suggested that she rent a Q10, the sister product to the Q1000, along with a 30mW green laser pen, for tougher muscle spots in need of greater power (green also has a bit of infrared too which gives greater penetration and depth).

Twelve days after receiving the Q10 in the post, IR rang to give me some positive feedback. I was not surprised but equally its always lovely to get confirmation that LLLT works in individual cases. IR did not tell her physiotherapist that she had used light for five days before her treatment with him. She had acupuncture on her right arm. The next day, after a lie in she expected to feel 'ropey', as she normally would, but 'not at all'. She felt there was improvement from the Q10 and the green laser, the only new input in the time since she was having all her treatments. She now finds it easier to get up in the morning, and feels looser. Her arm is much improved.

As an ex nurse she is able to tune into her body perhaps more than others without her training in anatomy and physiology. When she lasers she feels tingling, not just on the side that she lasers. This confirms research which shows that if you laser on one side of the body, the light travels round the body to assist in healing elsewhere.

The Q10 is also excellent for skin problems. IL used it on her husband's psoriasis on his neck and his psoriasis has practically gone after just ten days.

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