Sunday, 23 June 2013

This is a query from a Dutch Q1000 owner, who bought the laser to treat her show dogs. 

'I am treating a Berner Sennen dog (1 year old) of a friend, with my laser, since last Monday.
He has the pasteurella species bacteria on his lungs. He has been treated for 8 weeks with 2 sorts of antibiotics with very little result. He has been without antibiotics for a week now, and  X-rays were taken at that point. Today the veterinarian made X-rays again. You can see a very little improvement on the X-rays since lasering and no antibiotics.

I am using the laserprogramms 3 and 1 on 5 different spots on his lungs twice a day (2 spots left side, 2 spots right side and 1 spot between his legs on his chest. Can I go on this way or do I have to change something?And maybe is it also possible to use the enhancer 808 for more strength? If so how long for?

Sorry for so much questions, but this dog is seriously ill and I get the feeling that the vet also is a little uncertain what to do. He says to go on with the laser and maybe it is necessary to bring him to Utrecht (university clinic veterinarians) for a while. But we are afraid that is too much for this dog , as he is only 1 year 
old and all the treatments of the last two and a half months have made him already very nervous.'

I replied that her way of treating the dog is good, though as the dog improves she could try cutting
back to once a day. She could use the infrared 808 laser for about 30 seconds on each spot, but as
animals are more responsive than humans she may need even less time.

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